About Us

32Pearls Dental Care & Implant Centre About Us

When you cant smile with confidence, many aspects of your life can be negatively affected. Not only will you lack self-assurance, you may also provide others with an inaccurate first impression of yourself. Thats because people naturally react in a positive way to bright, friendly smiles. Whether you are looking to achieve excellent dental health for life, create a wonderful smile or urgently require a same day emergency appointment, 32 Pearls Dental Care can help you. 

OUR TEAM “Beautiful smiles are a team effort”

Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced dental professionals with an average 10 to12 years of clinical experience. Specialists include

  1.  1- Orthodontists (braces),
  2.  2- Endodontists (root canals, cosmetic dentistry)
  3.  3- Periodontists and Implantology’s (gum surgeries, implants),
  4.  4- Prosthodontists ( dentures, crowns and bridges)
  5.  5- Oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  6.  6- Pedodontists (child specialists)

Our team of specialists is always available for consultation over email/telephone. With center in Praygraj